Samsung Promotes Traffic Safety for Cambodian Youth

Samsung Cambodia traffic safety


Last month, in the latest extension of its “Love and Care” corporate citizenship program, Samsung Electronics provided 1,000 students at Cambodia’s Hun Sen Chumpo Vorn General Education and Technical School with free motorbike helmets. The event was organized to promote traffic safety and raise awareness of the traffic accidents that claim the lives of scores of Cambodian youths every year.

The campaign is the latest Samsung-driven initiative organized in the country, following similar community-focused events such as an employee volunteer program, an Angkor Wat conservation project and various donation drives.

The helmet campaign addresses a matter of great concern in the country. In Cambodia, 70 percent* of victims of traffic accidents are motorbike riders, and 66 percent* of those fatalities are caused by severe head injuries.


Samsung Cambodia traffic safety


Samsung organized the helmet campaign to raise awareness of traffic safety and the socio-economic consequences of traffic accidents, and to educate motorbike and bicycle riders on ways to prevent unfortunate situations. As part of the campaign, professional trainers from Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport outlined basic traffic laws and the necessity of regular helmet use to help students stay safe on the road.

“My message to all students is to always wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike or bicycle – for your safety, for your family, and for Cambodian society,” said Seungho Choi, Managing Director of the Cambodian branch of Samsung Electronics’ Thai operations, while launching the event.

Also in attendance was H.E Bou Chumserey, the Under Secretary of State of Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, who noted, “I’m grateful that Samsung continues to contribute to our community and create positive change for our citizens.”


Samsung Cambodia traffic safety


* Reference: World Health Organization, Road Crash & Victim Information System (RCVIS) 2013



Source: Samsung Newsroom