Samsung’s Citizenship Efforts – What They Mean to Our People

Hello Samsung Village readers!

The year 2017 has dawned upon us and we hope all of you are having a great start.

During the past year, we have tried to bring to you more stories on our citizenship efforts from across the world – from our colleagues visiting Cape Town, South Africa to help renovate classrooms and teach valuable IT skills to opening a special Smart School in Chile to provide new learning possibilities for students with hearing difficulties.

And today, we are inviting our colleagues who have made these efforts possible to share their thoughts on what engaging in Samsung’s citizenship activities means to them.






Sibel Hur from Turkey


At Samsung, in line with our vision “Inspire the world, create the future”, we engage in various activities and sponsorships across the world to carry out our social responsibility. We tap into our knowledge and resources to generate benefits to our society.



Turkey’s Long Live Our School project that started in 2006 renovated schools in rural villages, and provided school materials and coats among others for the students


In Turkey, we have carried out various projects in collaboration with prominent organizations in the country – from Darüşşafaka Schools, Gazi University, Ankara University, and National Library to Turkish National Olympic Committee, Habitat Association and Creative Children’s Association –in the fields of information technologies, education, culture and sports. In all of the projects that we have already accomplished and are planned for the future, our priority is to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to meet the needs and expectations of society, and create value to the lives of those around us.

Samsung is passionate about creating a better future for people and bringing positive change to our community. In 2017, Samsung Electronics Turkey will continue to pursue its goal of utilizing technology to provide improved health, education and training opportunities to people in Turkey.


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Hasit Mankodi from India 


What’s truly amazing about working for Samsung is that you can go back and discuss things with your friends and family with a feeling of warmth and satisfaction – things that are not related to work. I donated blood. While it’s not much, a part of me nearly wanted to flaunt the little round band-aid on my left arm. I planted trees. For up to a week after, I was a voracious go-green activist advocating everyone I met to do the same.

Most of all, I can never forget the deeply worried faces of men and women in quake-hit Nepal where Samsung had set up camps to support citizens with free phone and internet services along with food heating facilities. I befriended a little girl in one of the camps set up by the Nepal Army for the displaced people.

Being a part of CSR initiatives gives us a different perspective to life. It takes the mind on an unexplored yet fulfilling journey. Thank you, Samsung.



Ankit Kumar (left) and Ganesh Kumar, from an orphanage in Delhi, graduated from Samsung’s ARISE training program on repairing electronic products to become hired at one of Samsung’s largest service centers in India


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Weidong Mi from China


“To become a beloved company by Chinese people and to contribute to Chinese society.” This is the slogan of Samsung China, and we are indeed putting it into practice, especially through CSR activities. Among all of the foreign enterprises in China, Samsung has been ranked No. 1 for four years in a row on the CSR index compiled by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

This summer I was very lucky to have a chance to participate in Samsung China’s Western Sunshine Program, aimed at helping students in rural areas get access to better education. The one-week volunteering in western China turned out to be my most precious memory in the past year. I can still remember some of the students’ names. The bright children made me realize that everyone one of us deserves equal rights to education no matter who we are and where we are from.



Samsung has been supporting the Western Sunshine Program since 2004 to promote education for students in rural villages


In the coming 2017, I wish more Samsung family members can have the opportunity to join in the company’s CSR activities, and help toward creating benefits to society and building warm communities all over the world.


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Fiona Teo from Singapore


2016 has been an eventful year for us in Southeast Asia as we further expanded our footprint as a responsible citizen, doing what we can to help the communities. We don’t profess to have done everything in the world, but we dare say that for everything we have done, we have given our best. Of course, all of these were only made possible with the dedication of my wonderful Citizenship team members, who remain enthusiastic and passionate about their work. We are also grateful for the management’s support, and of course, the community partners.


Samsung Love and Care is an annual event that brings together Samsung employees in Southeast Asia and Oceania to create positive difference in local communities


For me, I’m always looking forward to hearing about the great success of our programs, and as a team, we always spur each other on! I’m humbled by each of them and at the same time, ambitious that we can do even more! As with 2015, we also spent time together as a team in Cambodia for our regional volunteering program “Love and Care.” While it involved other colleagues from other departments and countries, there is a special bond that I have with my citizenship colleagues. We always look forward to the Love and Care campaign because it is the one time we get together, to do what we do best. Most of the year, we are always busy with our respective programs in each country but “Love and Care” is a total team work.

In 2017, I hope that we continue to be passionate in our citizenship efforts, and continue to grow the possibilities. We will keep encouraging one another to learn and grow together. We hope that through our efforts, we spread good will for Samsung, and make it a beloved brand in the community.


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Amanda Saviano from Brazil


This was my first year working in corporate citizenship at Samsung and I loved it! Every single activity was unique and precious, and you could really see the good impact our initiatives bring to society.

Citizenship activities in Latin America concentrate on education, one of the main areas of citizenship focus at Samsung. We read stories for children in order to stimulate their reading skills, performed origami classes to help with their cognitive skills, and spoke to adolescents about the job market and the importance of studying, just to name a few. We also saw amazing results from the Solve for Tomorrow contest in Brazil, with around 40,000 students participating and over 3,400 projects submitted! A great success, indeed!


Every year Samsung employees from Brazil gather together to volunteer for citizenship activities that are focused on the theme of education


Another proud achievement is that we signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations Volunteers. All of our vests – which we wear during our official citizenship activities – now have their logo, along with Samsung’s.

It was an intense year, with many activities and projects, but extremely rewarding! For 2017, I’m sure new challenges will come, but I’m confident our colleagues in Latin America are prepared to work hard, bring innovative ideas and become proud members of our communities. Stay tuned!


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