Samsung Backs Pink Ribbon Awareness with Mobile App in Spain

During Breast Cancer awareness month last October, Samsung Electronics Spain launched CuidaAPPlas – a mobile application designed to help in the prevention and early detection of the disease.



Spanish actress Miriam Giovanelli lent her support to the cause together with Samsung.


The application has been developed by the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) with support from Samsung Electronics and the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), and is supported by the GEICAM Research Group on Breast Cancer.

With the characteristic pink color that symbolizes the fight against breast cancer, the app is an informative and practical tool that encourages awareness among younger women and allows users to follow and record their gynecological appointments, view results of reviews and mammograms, in addition to collecting health recommendations.




“With this app, which takes advantage of the familiarity of young women with their mobile devices, we hope to contribute to raise awareness about the prevention of this disease,” said Luis de la Peña from Samsung Spain. “With the money raised, we will continue to support the work of FECMA to advance in this fight.”

According to SEOM, breast cancer is present in one out of every eight women throughout their life. A healthy lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise, a balanced diet and elimination of alcohol and tobacco can help to prevent the disease, always combined with medical supervision.




The application is available for download on Google Play and Galaxy Apps. For each download, Samsung will make a donation of 10 euro to FECMA to support the fight against breast cancer. This is the ninth collaboration between Samsung and FECMA to promote prevention against breast cancer and to help in research to fight this disease.