Samsung Promotes Employment Opportunities for Women in Ghana

Since last year, Samsung Electronics has been running a vocational training program for young women in Ghana that teaches technical skills such as the servicing and repair of electronics products. The project aims to promote a better life for young women in Africa and is part of a global public-private partnership with governmental agencies from Germany and Korea.




Women in Ghana have traditionally had limited opportunities to learn high value-added skills. Moreover, vocational education for women has generally focused on homemaking skills.

Samsung has supported efforts to readdress this through the program by assisting four schools and training a total of 120 female technicians per year. The company has also set up state-of-the-art teaching labs where women can practice their electrical skills.




Samsung provides practical training curriculums for teachers, which is a requirement for national accreditation by the Technical Vocational Education and Training Council of Ghana. This includes marketing and work experience classes led by Samsung.

Internship programs with Samsung are also available to give young women an opportunity to build necessary sales experience, in addition to technical skills, in order to open their own customer service stores after graduation. This will enable women to generate income for themselves and their families.





The project is expected to increase the number of female electronics technicians from 3% to 25% by 2017. The hope is that more women will find equal employment opportunities in this field in comparison to their male counterparts.



Source: Samsung Newsroom Korea