Shopping with Heart – A Birthday Worth Celebrating

Sweaters for trees, braille bookmarks and a host of upcoming designers have all featured as part of the activities at Heartist House. In two years, this venue has carved an identity as a space for design, shopping and crafts. And the activities are ongoing, with much more planned for the coming months.

Heartist House is already a unique place, but what really sets it apart is that it’s focused on making a difference in the lives of others. Profits are donated to worthy causes such as charities who work with visually impaired children or low income households. Heartist House is celebrating its second birthday and with so much great work already taken place, there’s plenty to celebrate.

Heartist House is based in the trendy, design-friendly neighborhood of Samcheong-dong in Seoul. For all who visit, it offers something they aren’t able to experience every day. Walking through the store, there are opportunities to do something positive – whether it’s for other people or for the environment. Journey through the building and you’ll see eye-catching upcycled goods. These products used to be wasted materials but now have a new lease of life thanks to the power of design and imagination.

And it’s not just the products that have a green slant. An internal water storage system collects water from the air conditioning, which is used to water plants in the garden found on each floor and on the additional rooftop garden. You can read more of our tour of the building in a two-part feature here and here.


Designing the future

Heartist House is run by Samsung’s C&T Fashion Group. One mainstay of the store are the lucky bags that add a fun element of mystery to each visit. Each bag costs the equivalent of around $10 and includes items donated by Samsung C&T Fashion Group brands. The bags also contain clothes and accessories by up-and-coming designers.

This is just one example of Samsung C&T Fashion Group members teaming with new designers. They also gave an opportunity to an even newer set of designers – the store’s own customers. In a project to help protect the trees in the local area, the group of volunteers created decorative coverings to help shield the trees from the cold.


Crafting creativity

Visitors to Heartist House should come prepared to get interactive and get creative. There’s a series of exhibitions that often include hands-on sessions that allow visitors to make their own creations. A recent example includes Marymond and Made by Mary, the first exhibition in the fall series. It featured a class where attendees could learn how to make their own ornate floral-patterned handkerchiefs using French embroidery techniques.

Another standout on the exhibition program was a collaboration with Dotween and Eone Korea. Dotween allowed visitors to make their own braille bookmarks, while Eone Korea showcased the Bradley Timepiece, a unique watch designed to help visually impaired wearers to tell the time.

Finally, true to the hands-on theme that is so prevalent at Heartist House, knitting brand Nanewni Yarn displayed some of their goods, as well as teaching visitors how to master the art of knitting.


Heartist House has achieved a lot in the two years it has been in operation. It’s more than a shop, more than an exhibition space. It’s an initiative that helps those it touches. The world of fashion and design will continue to give back in the years to come, and will encourage its visitors to do the same.




Source: Samsung C&T Newsroom