Samsung C&T’s School Makeover Brightens Classrooms in India

Five years ago in an impoverished part of South Delhi, Samsung C&T volunteers began visiting a local school in dire need of support. This year, the school’s remarkable turnaround was recognized when it received a Certificate of Excellence from the local Indian government.

In partnership with the NGO Plan International Korea, Samsung C&T has been supporting schools in India since 2011. The company believes that education is essential for building a better future. That’s why it has been assisting school communities with improved access to books, classrooms and other resources necessary to nurture the great minds of the tomorrow.


Transforming Facilities

While education in India is free and compulsory for children aged 6 to 14, in impoverished parts of the country, schools are in a very poor state. As part of its work in India, Samsung C&T has been striving to improve conditions by building facilities and providing resources to schools in the country.


Samsung India CSR


The SDMC Phase-II Madanpur Khadar primary school, located in an underserved part of South Delhi, is an excellent example of how educators can turn around a school’s fortunes once given a helpful push in the right direction.

Back in 2011, it became one of the first schools to receive Samsung C&T volunteer support. In March of this year, it was selected from among 168 schools in the district to be the recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from the local district government.


Samsung India CSR


Teams of Samsung C&T volunteers have regularly visited the school to help modernize its facilities. The school is also now powered entirely by solar energy panels, and discolored classroom walls have been transformed into a sea of bright colors and patterns.

Clean and functioning bathroom facilities are now in place, along with filtered water fountains. Volunteers have also built a library outfitting it with books, as well as equipped the AV room with powerful new computers.


Samsung India CSR


Ensuring children have an outlet to channel their physical, creative and aesthetic energies, Samsung C&T has also renovated the soccer field, and an unsightly waste disposal site has been cleared to make way for a garden area. Volunteers have also helped construct badminton courts as well as outdoor performance stages.

Given this ongoing support and relationship, Samsung C&T volunteers have deeply connected with the students and returning volunteers have experienced emotional reunions with the children.


Motivating Students

“The improvements motivated students to attend classes and naturally achieve better academic results” the school’s principal Talat Sultana told Samsung C&T Newsroom. He added that everyone involved in the school is “extremely excited about these changes and we are making every effort to maintain them.”


Samsung India CSR


With a turnaround like this, it is little wonder that it has started to turn heads in South Delhi. The school’s transformation has indeed been remarkable and Samsung C&T continues to actively support other schools in India in the same fashion.




Source: Samsung C&T Newsroom