New Learning Possibilities for Hearing Impaired Students in Chile

Just last month, we brought to you news about how our colleagues in Chile are helping students learn how to code so that they can make their ideas for applications reality.

And today we bring to you another piece of news from this corner of the world: the opening of a Smart School, especially for students with hearing disabilities.

The Smart School, which opened at Dr. Jorge Otte Special School in July, was the 13th our colleagues at Samsung Electronics Chile helped set up in the country. At a very emotional ceremony on July 27, the school unveiled the classroom, equipped with technology that provides new learning possibilities for the students with hearing difficulties enrolled in 1st to 8th grade.




The students were very happy to participate in the demonstrative classes, showing how they can interact among themselves and with the devices just as effectively as students without any disabilities.

“I love seeing this, I was very surprised. This is new and it will enable us to move faster, to develop better,” said Bryan Muñoz, a student. “Learning will be more fun and we will be able to participate more. We will certainly come more motivated to school.”



The students in higher grades – 9 and 10 – will each receive a Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen that will become their digital study companion both at school and home. One of the primary uses of the device will be to record videos that summarize the classes so that they can study much more effectively than by looking at written notes.

Many students at the school have multiple challenges, meaning they also have other conditions in addition to hearing disabilities that affect their way of communication. So often, they rely on cardboards with images to express themselves. With Samsung tablets, they will now have a tool that will make communication much easier and effective.

“I am very thankful for this opportunity. Generally the deaf students are primarily seen as ‘disabled’ and the usual perception is that they are not as capable as hearing students,” said School Director Veronica de la Paz. “This will help us to demonstrate that indeed, when they are provided with the right opportunities, the deaf students can develop professionally and have studies and a career, just like any hearing person.”




And, we, at Samsung, are thankful for this opportunity to be part of our local community. We will continue to think of ways to use our technology to creating value that could bring positive changes to those around us.