Inspiring Serbian Students with Nikola Tesla’s Spirit of Innovation

If you are a fan of science, you might know Serbia as the birthplace of many world famous scientists including the luminary and inventor of the modern AC electricity supply system, Nikola Tesla. Recently, the Serbia office of our affiliate Samsung Electronics supported the corporate citizenship project Be Like Tesla in celebration of the 160th anniversary of Tesla’s birth.

The project, organized with the Museum of Nikola Tesla and the Institute for Educational Quality and Evaluation, was aimed at raising a new generation of Nikola Tesla’s for the future of Serbia.


‘Be Like Tesla’ Caravan Rolls Across Serbia

The project kicked off at the end of 2015 with the Be Like Tesla caravan which toured 17 cities across Serbia with over 3,000 students participating. The caravan featured interactive lectures for students, performed by the popular young Serbian actor Biojan Dimitrijevic, and utilized the technology tools of the Samsung Digital Classroom.




National School Competition and Exhibition at Kalmegdan

To begin 2016, the Be Like Tesla project moved into a national competition for Serbian elementary school students, across 150 schools, who were tasked to develop an invention inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla.



Prior to announcing the winner, the project organized a major exhibition featuring 90 different panels on the works of Tesla as well as the projects by the school competition finalists. The exhibition was held at the Serbian national symbol Kalemegdan (aka, the Belgrade Fortress) in Belgrade.



Celebrating Tesla’s Birthday in Style

On July 10, the 160th birthday of Nikola Tesla, more than 5,000 people gathered at Kalmegdan to see the winning entry announced for the national school competition. Dignitaries, including the Mayor of Belgrade, were also in attendance.

Primary school Mihajlo Pupin from Zemun, Belgrade was awarded grand prize for its project “Carousel” which featured the operation of a toy carousel with a smartphone and sound recognition technology, leveraging wireless data transmission, one of Tesla’s inventions. For their award, the school and students received a fully-equipped Samsung Digital Classroom. In addition, Samsung also announced a three-year plan for continuing cooperation with the Museum of Nikola Tesla to continue to raise interest in science among Serbia’s youth.


To celebrate a successful project and great event, the night closed with a special demonstration of a replica transformer, based on the model which Nikola Tesla constructed in Colorado Springs in 1899, and can produce voltages from 12 million volts, and sparks up to nine meters. Truly a striking end to a remarkable night.



Source: Samsung Newsroom