Students in Chile Get a Shot at Making Their App Ideas Reality

The Samsung Tech Institute – one of our core citizenship programs – is aimed at fostering a young and talented workforce through IT job training, customized to the needs of each country where the program is operated.

And today we bring to you news from our colleagues in Chile, where 20 students just last month completed a three-month program at the App Academy to learn to code applications. They were selected from more than 400 applicants earlier this year, and received essential software skills to develop their first apps.




The App Academy is operated by the Tech Institute of Samsung Electronics Chile, in partnership with the Fundación País Digital. Some of the apps that the recent graduates developed are already commercially available including the Tbeep, which lets users keep track of how much credit is left in their public transportation passes, and displays charging locations nearby.

More than 50 percent of the graduating students have secured a job or internship, and they now get to put into practice their newly acquired skills, which were certified in line with the SFIA international ICT job standards.

Our colleagues in Chile and the Fundación País Digital also created “Apps Clubs” in 2015. The Apps Clubs reach younger school students and aim to encourage early vocations for ICT careers down the road. Today, the teachers – who had been specifically trained for the program – are teaching more than 600 students at 37 schools across Chile, helping the next generation of programmers make their application ideas reality.



And in efforts to help more children get access to the training offered through Apps Clubs, our colleagues in Chile launched a special campaign last month, aimed at giving additional motivation to smartphone users to renew their smartphones for a good cause. Through the “Trade In: Your Best Return” campaign, our colleagues collected over 100 old smartphones and are donating them to Apps Clubs. More devices available for use during classes mean more students earn the opportunity to learn.

“With this campaign, we aim to provide an additional incentive to our existing trade-in program, closely aligned with our consumers’ interest and the company’s citizenship efforts, that puts technology to work for education,” said Germán Sáenz, Senior Manager of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics Chile.

“For us, it is really meaningful to support the Apps Clubs, which significantly contribute to the formation of these young students who, in just a few years, will become citizens and leaders, shaping the future of our country,” he said.

And here is a short video to show what the campaign meant to achieve: