How Samsung Inspires Learning in Europe

At the IFA trade show in Berlin last week, Samsung unveiled exciting new technologies but also found time to speak about the importance of its corporate citizenship programs in Europe. Here’s a quick look at what it shared.

Samsung Electronics believes that technology has great potential to make lives better. This is why it has established 1,300 smart classrooms, 65 digital academies, as well as numerous other partnership programs across Europe.

These programs are about more than just providing hardware. Teachers are trained and connected to a community which inspires curriculum enrichment and students are empowered to learn digital skills through coding and software development and enhance their learning through technology.

In Europe, because of a growing digital skills gap Samsung’s citizenship programs aim to inspire the next generation of innovators and teach 21st century skills. This will prepare students for the jobs of the future.


ifa samsung citizenship europe_002

Evelyn Nicola, Sustainability & Citizenship Manager for Samsung Electronics Europe, speaks at the IFA 2016 press conference about Citizenship programs in Europe.


Digital skills for all ages in Europe

The programs are also designed to activate digital learning at all ages. Samsung Smart Classrooms teach the fundamentals of digital skills during the core developmental years of 6-16 years old; whilst Samsung Digital Academies are aimed at young people aged 16-24 who need digital skills to boost their employability.

One example of a Digital Academy is the Samsung Campus in Paris. France’s top IT school EPITECH and non-profit ZUP CO offer intensive training for young people not currently in education. The program inspires young people to re-join the job market with new skills.

Christophe, 26, is about to complete his training at the Samsung Campus this fall. He said, “The training at Samsung Campus has allowed me to develop sought-after digital skills and I have now secured a permanent contract for after I complete my training. I can enter the job market with confidence!”




In addition to Smart Classrooms and Tech Institutes, Samsung has worked to develop partnerships with some of the world’s leading organisations to reach more people together.

In the UK, Samsung has been working with the British Museum since 2009; sponsoring an engaging and innovative digital learning program and education space. The Museum’s Samsung Digital Discovery Centre (SDDC) offers free digital sessions. Students are able to discover the Museum’s unparalleled collection in creative and educational ways, using Samsung’s latest technology.

The use of VR, in particular, has proved very popular with visitors. As one participant remarked, It made me feel as if I was actually there and gave me a sense of how things actually were in the Bronze Age.


New MakerBot Partnership

At IFA 2016, Samsung Electronics Europe also announced its latest partnership with MakerBot EMEA, a global leader in 3D printing technology. The program will launch its first phase in schools, colleges and museums within five key European markets: Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Sweden.

This partnership aims to inspire creativity by combining design and coding classes with 3D printing so students can experience the full design cycle as a way to develop ideas and innovate. This will equip the next generation of architects, engineers, product designers and innovators needed to keep pace with technological advancements.




The Future of Citizenship

Samsung will continue to partner with like-minded companies that share the same ambitions in digital education and bring something unique to our network. The next steps will be to develop a network of excellence centers who can share their content. Samsung wants young people to tell their stories, and inspire others across Europe.

In the words of Evelyn Nicola, Samsung Europe’s Sustainability & Citizenship Manager, “Along with MakerBot, we call on other brands at IFA to join us, as we prepare the young people of today for the jobs of the future.”



 Source: Samsung Newsroom