Student Returns as Volunteer Teacher for Samsung Dream Class

Last month, Samsung held its 2016 Dream Class summer camp in Korea. The camp aims to give learning opportunities to disadvantaged young students and help inspire them to pursue their educational dreams.


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University Mentors Help Middle-School Learners

This year, the summer camp was held at six local universities across the country. It attracted about 600 volunteer university students to participate as mentors and 1,800 middle school students as mentees. The university mentors taught mathematics and English to the young students in small groups for a total of 150 hours.


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One student participating in the program this summer hadn’t left her hometown on a small island since she was two years old. She was determined to make the most of this opportunity.

“I used to study alone because there were no academies in my hometown,” she noted. “But through this camp I hope to learn how to better study English and mathematics.”


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Student Becomes Master

This summer, the camp also featured a notable new volunteer mentor. Mi-hee Park, a freshman at Sogang University in Seoul, volunteered as a Dream Class teacher just four years after benefiting from the program herself as a young middle school student.

“Thanks to the support of a university mentor I first met at the Dream Class camp who became my role model, I was able to enter university,” explained Mi-hee Park. “Now I hope to encourage other young students who need my help in order for them to achieve their own dreams.”

The university mentors not only teach the subjects of English and mathematics, but also offer invaluable advice, information and encouragement for the middle school students.


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“Students in rural areas don’t know why they should go on to university or even how to get accepted,” said HyunJi Park, a senior at Seoul National University who was participating as a Dream Class mentor for the third time. “This is exactly how I thought when I was in middle school.”


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In the five years since Dream Class first began in 2012, a total of 53,493 middle school students have benefited from the program and 14,701 university students have volunteered as mentors, including many who’ve participated in the program several times.

Thanks to the university mentors who volunteer their time to share valuable knowledge and inspire the younger students, Samsung will continue this program in the hope of giving more young students educational opportunities and the motivation to dream big.


Source: Samsung Korean Blog