Happiness Doubles Over Shared Chicken Soup

We all have our own ways to survive the sultry, hot weather of summer: go for a dip in the pool, enjoy cool drinks on the beach, or simply pick up a book and read in the cool comfort of your air-conditioned room.

In Korea, we also have various dishes that are known for restoring energy during the hot and humid summer, and Koreans’ all-time favorite is Samgyetang, or ginseng chicken soup. You can find a bit more about what Samgyetang is through our previous post here.

While Samgyetang is good to eat all year round, we have a tradition of eating it on the three hottest days of the year. And today, August 16, marks the last of the three days according to the lunar calendar.

This year, the first and second hottest days – Chobok and Jungbok, respectively – fell in July, and our colleagues at Samsung Display decided to celebrate the festivity with local communities by sharing Samgyetang.



More than 500 Samsung Display employees visited some 30 villages in the rural areas throughout the month of July and invited the elders for a meal of Samgyetang. Our colleagues also bought fruits harvested in the villages to share with them.

It was more than food that they shared. As they played games and shared stories about their daily lives, our Samsung Display colleagues were reminded of their childhood memories of visiting their grandparents during vacation.




It was Samsung Display’s third year of treating Samgyetang to the elders in the rural villages, and after each visit, our colleagues feel it was really them who were treated, being received with such warmth and kindness.

After all, you know what they say. Happiness, when shared, is doubled.