Samsung Builds Houses & Hope with Habitat for Humanity

People say that “charity begins at home”, but for the non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity, charity begins at homes all over the world thanks to its projects that build houses for the less fortunate. It’s a charitable cause that’s also embraced by Samsung affiliates whose employees have long volunteered in community building projects aligned with Habitat.

In this post, we take a trip around the world to visit some recent Habitat for Humanity projects undertaken by employees of Samsung C&T and Samsung Electronics – all the way from Argentina to Zambia.


Samsung C&T: A Long-Term Partner

Our construction affiliate, Samsung C&T, and Habitat for Humanity first linked up to build homes for people in underprivileged communities of Korea in 2000. Since then, the company has built hundreds of homes and expanded its programs to Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and other countries.



In 2015, the company completed its first project in Pasirhalang, Indonesia. The project benefited over 230 families with construction of 110 new houses as well as public washrooms and a clean water system. The support extended to raising the necessary financial funds – including employee donations – and working on-site with Habitat. The previous year, it helped build an elementary school for children in Rembang, Indonesia.

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In India, Samsung C&T began a project last year to repair 130 aging homes and public facilities at Chargaon, a small village located about 50km northeast of Mumbai. As part of the project, Samsung C&T is constructing IT classrooms at two local high schools and supporting students’ education by donating computer equipment and hiring trained IT teachers.

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Throughout Asia

In addition to its projects with Habitat, Samsung C&T has also committed itself to building facilities at a vocational school in Ban Bueng, Thailand, as well as undertaking projects in Mongolia and the Philippines. The company received an award in 2013 that recognized its social contributions throughout the Asia region.



Samsung Electronics: Building Homes & Hope

According to a recent story on Samsung Newsroom, Samsung Electronics also has an active relationship with Habitat for Humanity. Through this partnership, which was first established in 2013, Samsung has helped provide housing support, water, sanitation and educational support in countries where Habitat operates.



In 2014, a group of employees worked together with residents of Khe Sanh, Vietnam, to build six homes over a period of two days. Another group went to the Vietnamese town of Phuc Thuan to set up three digital classrooms equipped with 30 PCs and monitors. Following construction, employees have since paid regular visits to help train students and perform IT maintenance. In Thuy Hoa, the company also completed a large-scale building renovation which resulted in a new kindergarten for 300 children.

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Samsung Electronics visited the village of Makululu, Zambia, in 2014 to construct 13 new homes for residents while also running an education program for local students. In 2015, employees went to Nyama, Zambia, to carry out work on a local elementary school, including mural painting. A geological survey was also conducted by the company in the village and construction of a school and homes for residents is slated for completion by the end of 2016.

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South Africa

Samsung and Habitat built 28 houses in Pelican Park, a new settlement north of Cape Town, South Africa. Construction began in July 2013 to mark Nelson Mandela International Day, and was completed in January 2014. A group of Samsung employees participated in the five-month building program.

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In 2015, Samsung Electronics volunteers built a seed house in Bueno Aires, Argentina. Since then, it has been working on the Nanum Village construction project in Gran Chaco. The company carried out a water survey in 2015 and plans to complete construction of 50 new homes at the site by December 2016.

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Sources: Samsung C&T Blog and Samsung Newsroom