The Road to Success: A Story of Two Stars on the Rise

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Hasit Mankodi


Today, guest contributor Hasit Mankodi from Samsung Electronics India shares an inspirational story of how two graduates from Samsung’s ARISE training program in Delhi began their careers. Despite disadvantages, both Ankit Kumar and Ganesh Kumar worked hard to beat the odds and overcome the obstacles. This is their story of success.



samsung service center india_ankit_ganesh

Ankit Kumar (left) and Ganesh Kumar assist customers at a Samsung service center in Delhi.


Building Blocks

The beginning of this story can be traced back to 1918. The major flu epidemic of 1918 had a devastating impact in India, taking thousands of lives and leaving many young children orphaned. In the wake of the outbreak, the Pataudi House Orphanage in Delhi was established to help make a difference in the lives of recently orphaned children.

Since 1918, the orphanage has provided hope and support to thousands of children, including Ankit and Ganesh – the two stars of this story.


orphanage delhi india

The Pataudi House Orphanage in Delhi, India


Opportunity Knocks

At the orphanage, both Ankit and Ganesh found a place of support and received basic schooling. Each day presented new challenges, but the boys faced them with optimism. After graduating from basic coursework, they enrolled at a technical training institute. There, they could train to be mechanics of electrical equipment – a stable and respected trade.

Around this time they heard about a training program at the Samsung Technical School on how to repair electronic products. It was known as the Advanced Repair & Industrial Skills Enhancement (ARISE) program. For Ganesh and Ankit, this course could be a game changer. It offered the potential to become assistant engineers servicing electronic products, and open up opportunities for future growth.

samsung technical school india

Ankit and Ganesh both enrolled in ARISE where they immediately excelled. Their determination and passion to learn impressed many throughout their time in the program. Ankit became the top achiever of his class. At the end of training, both Ganesh and Ankit  were both hired at one of the largest Samsung service centers – not just in Delhi, but in India.

Through the ARISE program, Samsung has trained more than 1,400 young people at 18 training centers located around India.  Hundreds of those young people have been hired to work in Samsung service centers.


Present Day

Today, Ankit and Ganesh have fulfilling careers. Working at the service center, both are proud to be Samsung brand ambassadors. As they greet customers, smiles on their faces, I can see that all their hard work and determination to succeed has paid off.

samsung service center india_ganesh“I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this company,” Ganesh reflects. “The time spent at the orphanage and Samsung’s training has helped me stand on my own feet and provided me with the skills and temperament to solve customer’s issues.”

Although Ankit and Ganesh have moved on from the orphanage, they are determined to give back and repay the favor so future children in need will benefit like they did.


samsung service center india_ankit “I look forward to the day when I can start contributing to the orphanage,” says Ankit. “That is my goal.”

Despite a challenging early journey, Ankit’s and Ganesh’s hard work has led to their success. They are truly bright stars, and epitomize to me the importance of one of Samsung’s core values, co-prosperity. We look forward to continuing to watch both of them shine in the future.



(This article was originally written for the internal company blog, Media Samsung)