Careers in Design: Young Designers Talk about Their First Year at Samsung

As part of an organization that breathes life into the most advanced IT technologies, ranging from appliances and TVs to smartphones and wearables, being a designer at Samsung is an exciting job. For those contemplating careers in design, it might make one wonder — what’s it really like to be a designer at Samsung?

Recently, the Samsung Design Website sat down with six young designers from Samsung Electronics Headquarters in Seoul, Korea, to take an in-depth look at their first year at work. User interface designers, Jinwoo Ro from Creativity & Innovation Center (C-Lab), Misun Kim and Jeonghyun Lee from Mobile Communications Business, Hansol Park from Visual Display Business, Jongheok Im from Consumer Electronics Business and Dahee Lee from Corporate Design Center talked openly of their life and work at the company.

So now, here are some of the highlights from their interview.






















Jeonghyun Lee: Getting to work at around 10 a.m., I surf some interesting food blogs for about 30 minutes to set myself in the right mood for work. Then, I start work by checking emails.

Hansol Park: As I am still new at work, I check emails frequently in the morning to alert myself with things to be done. Having a cup of coffee and talking with my peers, I write the day’s to-do list and get to doing it.

Dahee Lee: Commuting between Incheon and Seoul every day, I take a commuter bus at six in the morning and get to work by seven. Before the others come into work around ten, I do yoga at the company’s fitness center and then check schedules of my team before starting the day’s work.







Jeonghyun Lee: I believe one of the important skills in my work comes from having a pertinent interest in the work. Continued research on the areas of interest, I think, can satisfy your curiosity about the work.

Jinwoo Ro: It is early adoption. Before making final decisions for new items, I like to try them out myself as it helps me learn more details related to them.

Hansol Park and Minsun Kim: For us it’s meticulousness. Just a small, overlooked detail in design could cause serious problems later when the product is finalized and launched. Therefore, paying meticulous attention to details is important for us.







Jeonghyun Lee: I feel my sense of responsibility has increased. Although I have work experience from school days, I remember that I didn’t really care about what others think. Now, I believe my role as a designer is to please the greater majority of people. So it gives me a sense of growth to find out what others need and how to solve their problems.

Jongheok Im: I believe my communication skills have greatly improved. Working together with many people every day, my ability to more effectively communicate my thoughts with them has become my biggest achievement during my first year working.

Jinwoo Ro: Drawing feasible plans while working as a team in such a big company like Samsung has been the biggest challenge for me. But after a year’s work, I have come to recognize my limitations and been able to learn the value of collaborative work with my colleagues.




These young designers have had challenging but rewarding first years at Samsung, developing skills that will allow them to grow as professionals. “To design something means to realize there is a problem to solve,” an American architecture and furniture designer Charles Eames once said. As the young designers strive to come up with new creative and problem-solving ideas to meet the diverse needs of people in their everyday lives, we hope more innovative Samsung designs and products can assist you better to fulfill your goals and dreams.



(The original version of this story is available at the Samsung Design Website here.)