Samsung Engineer Wins High Praise for High-Rise Construction



The sky’s the limit for our affiliate Samsung C&T which revealed last week that Senior Executive Vice President Ahmad Abdelrazaq has received a prestigious engineering award for his contribution to high-rise construction.

For those unfamiliar with engineering accolades, the Ernest E. Howard Award is presented annually by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for contributions in structural engineering. Established in 1852, the ASCE is the oldest civil engineering body in the U.S. and represents over 145,000 members in 174 countries.




Regular readers of this blog may remember our profile on Mr. Abdelrazaq who was part of the Samsung C&T team that built Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building that rises almost 830 meters (2,720 feet) above Dubai.

Samsung C&T said last week that Mr. Abdelrazaq received the Ernest E. Howard Award for his “contributions to the academic world in the field of high-rise buildings,” including a research paper titled “Validation of the Dynamic of Burj Khalifa”. It also noted that he served as head of ASCE’s Tall Buildings Committee for six years, where he promoted industry exchanges in high-rise technologies.




As head of Samsung C&T’s ultra-high-rise mixed-use projects, Mr. Abdelrazaq has been directly involved in the design, structural engineering or construction planning for a number of projects, in addition to Burj Khalifa.

Today he’s involved in several high-rise landmark projects around the world. The company added that Mr. Abdelrazaq is currently providing technical support on the Tanjong Pagar project, the tallest building in Singapore, and the Star Residences project which will be the tallest residential building in Malaysia.




Here are some highlights from an interview with Mr. Abdelrazaq that we posted on Samsung Village in 2014:

What has been your most memorable project?

It’s hard to pick the most memorable, but if I really had to choose one it would be Burj Khalifa. I was involved in all phases of the project from the early design concept to the project completion, including working and cooperating closely with contractors from the early design concept. I contributed to the development of structural and foundational design, construction, and developed one of the most comprehensive real-time monitoring programs in the history of skyscrapers with Samsung C&T.

It is a wonderful feeling to calibrate what I designed and observe the final creation. I did most of the things I wanted to do, but I also learned many new things that I hope to apply in the design and construction planning in the next super-tall tower. Burj Kahlifa has been a tremendous achievement in terms of technology, not to mention that it changed the face of Dubai.

How did you develop Samsung C&T’s high-rise team?

I felt very strongly that establishing a strong and self-sustained core team was essential to the company, considering the continuous need for high-rise building projects in the world, the logarithmic increase in human population and the migration of people to very large cities.

In order to strengthen the division, I established a core team that dealt with all structural design issues and reinforced it with excellent construction planning that can handle the most important technologies available today for tall buildings. There were ups and downs, but the team excelled with strong persistence and became what it is today.

To read the full interview, please visit Samsung C&T’s global blog here.


Mr. Abdelrazaq will be presented with the Ernest E. Howard Award at the ASCE’s annual meeting in New York this October.