A Sneak Peek into Samsung Digital City

If you are an avid Samsung Village reader, you may remember Sonja, one of our colleagues from Samsung Electronics, who shared the story, “Follow My Day in Samsung Digital City!” Nearly four years have passed since then and there have been some updates at our headquarters in Suwon, Korea. So today, we’d like to take you on another tour at Samsung Digital City!




Each day, almost 35,000 people come to work at Samsung Digital City. Although it’s not really a city, it does take the form of a city on 389 acres of land. There are four landmark office towers, up to 38 floors high, 131 smaller buildings including labs, offices, recreational facilities, guesthouses for visiting researchers and a number of parks to stroll.


2Samsung Digital City where thousands of people come and go everyday


From R1 established in 1980 to the R5 research institute recently opened in 2013, the city has been a core R&D hub for Samsung Electronics. This year, a museum also opened on campus, dedicated to capturing the evolution of the electronics industry over the past century and beyond. Open to the public, the Samsung Innovation Museum has now become a must-see for those who visit the Suwon campus.




Then, what are the services available at Samsung Digital City?

The first is healthcare service that all employees have easy access to. There are numerous medical facilities on campus, which offer various kinds of services from physical therapies, flu shots to dental treatments. There are even acupuncture services available for any employees in need!


4At Samsung Hospital Healthcare Center, employees and their spouses receive free medical check-ups


For the mental and physical well-being of the people on campus, there are currently about 490 sports clubs. For all club members, facilities such as four badminton courts, ten basketball courts, three soccer fields and two baseball diamonds are available. Throughout the day, swimming classes are also offered in the Olympic-sized swimming pool with 14 lanes. You can even inherit rock-climbing techniques from the winner of the IFSC Climbing World Championship!




In addition, there are 690 cultural clubs including Korean folk painting, movie making, coffee roasting, Lego building, camping, paragliding and many others – you name it. During lunch hours, you can participate in various classes including leather art, calligraphy, cooking, dancing and music.

At the Digital City, the company also organizes various events every week to make everyone’s life more fun and entertaining. Often, sweet music from mini concerts greets your ears as you pass by the lobby. Sometimes, flash mobs take place and you can be part of them. Other events include celebrity talk shows, fashions shows, etc.




For many working moms and dads, childcare service is available nearby their office buildings. The company has placed great emphasis on helping with child care. At Samsung Digital City, more than 150 teachers are on site, dedicated to providing diverse educational activities for young children of different ages. On Family Day, kids can also have fun with their parents on campus as the whole Digital City turns into a theme park!



8Lastly, there are cafeterias where people at Samsung Digital City can satiate their hunger and get recharged. Every day, chefs serve up to 72,000 meals free. From Korean Bulgogi, and Kalbi to pizza and curry, the food courts offer more than 90 different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner to employees and visitors from different cultural backgrounds.





So, that completes our brief tour around Samsung Digital City. We couldn’t introduce to you every corner of the campus but hope you could feel the overall atmosphere. Which place did you find most interesting? Or is there any other place you’d like to explore? Please share with us your thoughts!