Passion Talk Reaches Out to Youth in China

It’s been awhile since we introduced to you here at Samsung Village our “Passion Talk” campaign, aimed at sharing with the youngsters the life-inspiring experiences of Samsung executives and other prominent figures from various walks of life in our society.

Marking its fourth year this year, the Passion Talk made its very first visit to a university campus outside Korea: Peking University in Beijing, China!



Passion Talk Ignites Chinese Youth’s Passion!


The Passion Talk is a so-called talk concert hosted by Samsung, where key social figures share their experiences in hopes of providing some guidance and advice to the youngsters, still full of questions about life. More than simply giving lectures to the students, it’s a forum where the old and young generations can sit down together for hearty discussions about life, filled with laughter and music.

More than 2,700 students filled the auditorium of Peking University, some of who had traveled hours and hours on train to attend the event from other parts of China.

Taking the stage to give inspiration to these passionate youngsters was President Wonkie Chang, who heads Samsung China. President Chang spoke about his own story of overcoming hardships to achieve his goal of becoming a China expert at Samsung. He gave three tips in overcoming difficulties: first, let myself be at the center of my dream; second, put more weight to my skills; and lastly, don’t do it alone, but do it together.

Ms. Yang Yang, a former Chinese short track speed skater and current member of the International Olympic Committee, also appeared on stage. As one of the most accomplished short track speed skaters, she talked about how she sought opportunities even during times of crises to become a multi-time world champion and to make a successful career transition to be an IOC member.



Prof. Kim Ran Do of Seoul National University, who authored the bestselling “Youth, It’s Painful,” also garnered a lot of attention from the audience with his insightful perspectives on how to overcome challenges to achieve their goals in life.

And with the special performances by famous K-Pop star Lena Park and rising star Jung Joon Young, the curtain fell on the show.



Since the first one in November 2011, more than 70 Passion Talks have been held in various cities throughout Korea, and now in Beijing. And the shows will go on as we want to help relieve the pains and troubles of our youth, as well as other parts of our society.