Samsung Executive’s Insight Into Fast-Changing Mobile Trends

We live in the world, filled with mobile devices. The number of mobile subscriptions has already exceeded 7 billion globally, making it harder and harder for us to imagine a life that isn’t mobile.

Fundamentally altering the way people consume and share a myriad of things – ranging from a news article of interest to memorable moments in life – mobile devices and the trend of mobility have come to have a huge impact on the way people live.

It is thus meaningful to take a close look at the current mobile trends and imagine how the landscape of mobility would evolve and proliferate in the future. And we are happy to introduce Executive Vice President Robin Bienfait from Samsung Electronics’ Mobile division, who can walk us through the latest trends in mobility and Samsung’s vision in leading those trends.


Executive Vice President Robin Bienfait

Executive Vice President Robin Bienfait


Robin has a 22-year experience at AT&T, where she ran global network operations in more than 130 countries as well as managing business continuity worldwide. She also served as Chief Information Officer at BlackBerry for several years before joining Samsung.

Last week, Robin was invited to a renowned conference hosted by Bloomberg, ‘The Next Big Thing Summit 2014.’ It provided a great opportunity to listen in to her insightful outlook of the fast-paced changes in the mobile sector, so we thought we would share with you some of her thoughts.

During the panel discussion session, Robin chiefly covered three major topics: the overall impact of mobility to businesses, security solutions for enterprises and the future of wearable devices.


Robin in discussion with Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly

Robin in discussion with Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly


Robin foresaw large-scale changes in the mobile area as the younger generation – who has grown up in a mobile environment and often called ‘mobile natives’ – becomes the main stream of society. The changes will range from the way we consume various content to how we do things and how companies deal with their employees. One of the symbolic tools we need to especially pay attention to is the social media, she stressed, as collaboration tools including the social media enable enterprises to talk across the large landscape; not just with their employees but with their user base as well. And this is why the social media is leading the huge-scale transition in the mobile area in a very positive way.

With regard to security solutions for enterprises, Robin emphasized the importance of achieving two goals – one, to secure corporate assets such as privileged information, data-streaming, and internal communication evidence for the enterprise itself and two, to ensure the personal data of end users or employees are safely protected and not leaked.


Robin at ‘The Next Big Thing Summit 2014.’

Robin at ‘The Next Big Thing Summit 2014.’


While discussing about enterprise security solutions, Robin explained Samsung’s own security platform, Knox – the fruit of a tremendous amount of research and dedication over a long period of time. She said Knox allows the corporation to expand its security boundaries within mobile devices, while at the same time giving the user personal protections from the corporation as well. This security framework allows users to get different personalities and personas on their devices.

Lastly, she touched upon wearable devices, envisioning great synergies they would create in the healthcare sector. She said it was ‘awareness,’ which differentiates wearable devices from other mobile devices since they are connected to a platform which can collect and calculate the health information of each individual user. Moreover, this ‘awareness’ leads to a virtuous cycle where the user becomes aware of his or her current status, and proactively designs the next step of progress to make a significant improvement toward a goal.

Robin believed that mobility in the enterprise sector is still at a nascent stage because even as numerous tech firms own their own fundamental technologies, most firms are not quite at the stage of accumulating and integrating those technologies in a methodical way. She showed a big interest in innovations at the level of accelerators and incubators, and expressed a strong willingness to give advice and co-work on research projects. She said she believed that if a company invests back into the communities, it can also learn from them and come up with valuable ideas that are inspiring.



As Robin has shown us, changes in the mobility sector are extremely rapid and extensive, and Samsung is exerting tremendous efforts to stay ahead of them. We have established a reliable security platform, Knox, for enterprises and are at the frontline of leading the development of wearable devices with products as the Gear Fit. We have also introduced Simband, a state-of-the-art device for sensing the health information of users, and SAMI, a distinctive health-care platform. We are confident that we will continue evolving to outpace the changes in the industry through relentless innovations.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to watch Robin’s full speech, please visit the Bloomberg website here.