How We Work and Grow Together at Samsung C&T’s Vietnam Site

Hello Samsung Village readers! It’s me again, Soojin Min, a civil engineer at Samsung C&T’s Engineering and Construction Group, working at the company’s Son Duong Port project in Vietnam.

Last time, I shared with you what kind of work is done at the site, and today, I’d like to share with you more fun stories on what our daily lives are like here!


현장직원사진                               One big happy family!

I work with colleagues from mainly three countries: Taiwan, which placed the order for the project; Vietnam, where the project is located; and Korea, where the main contractor is from. That means at least four different languages including those of the above countries as well as English are used on site. Speak of, being global!

As the worksite sits in an area quite remote from big cities, with the nearest market being about an hour and a half away, we end up spending a lot of time with each other on site. Spending so much time with each other, all of us have become more than simply colleagues, but like family.

Being with people of different nationalities means there are also many opportunities to experience different cultures. I recently went to the wedding of a Vietnamese colleague. It was first time I was invited to a traditional Vietnamese wedding and what a fun experience it turned out to be!

DSC00759  DSC00843                                                        How we become even closer with each other

Most of the times, we gather in groups for fun activities. There is a futsal club, which meets regularly, and a few months ago, we turned a corner of our dormitory into a cozy cinema, where we play movies on Saturdays with a beam projector. We also regularly hold sports days, when we can relieve our stress and refresh over good sports games.

The Son Duong Port construction site is where I could get hands-on experience as an engineer, where I grew so much both professionally and personally. And with such great colleagues to work with, I am sure it will bring more unforgettable memories during the remainder of my stay here.


Storyteller: Soojin Min