Welcome to the House of Wisdom: Samsung Engineering’s Hope Library

Last December, our Samsung Engineering affiliate hosted an opening ceremony for two libraries in Basrah, Iraq. Hundreds of people including regional officials, parents and students attended the event to celebrate the opening of the libraries, built and donated by Samsung Engineering under the company’s Hope Library program to promote education for local children.


2. 이라크 도서관 3. 이라크 도서관New libraries of hope welcomed Iraqi children with books for wisdom and knowledge!

Named after the districts of Shatt Al Arab and Al-Mudaynah, the two libraries were planned by Samsung Engineering in partnership with UNICEF Iraq and the State Government of the Basrah region. For 11 months, the company not only refurbished, but also furnished the facilities with desks, chairs, stationery goods and over 14,000 books. To meet the needs and interest of the local children, electronic devices such as computers, printers, televisions and refrigerators, as well as swings were provided. While the local government will run the libraries by employing librarians and other staff, Samsung Engineering plans to continue support their maintenance.




Samsung Engineering’s Hope Library program was initiated in 2012 as a way of giving back to local communities where the company conducted projects in. Based on a strong belief in the importance of education for the development and welfare of society, the company since then has built and donated libraries to local communities in partnership with local authorities and international organizations.


Also known as the Thank You Small Library, hope libraries have inspired many children in India


In March 2012, Samsung Engineering’s first three libraries of hope opened in Gujarat, India. With the support of the Indian government and in partnership with UNWTO/ST-EP Foundation, those three were donated to children at Dahej Secondary School, Dahej Girl’s Primary School and Almavadi Secondary School.

“Along with our company’s business expansion in India, we feel strongly committed to the development and welfare of the local community,” said Hyoman Im, the managing Director & CEO of Samsung Engineering India.




After a successful launch in India and Iraq, Samsung Engineering now plans to introduce three new libraries and one resource learning center in Bolivia by 2014. To bring more hope to many more local communities, Samsung Engineering’s Hope Library will continue to expand!