A Walk through the History of Samsung’s Innovation

As soon as you enter the exhibition area of the Samsung Innovation Forum, held at Samsung Electronics’ Suwon Digital City in Korea, the very first product you will see is an old Samsung TV. Despite its comparatively cheaper price back in 1993, it was neglected by consumers, gathering dust in the corner of a U.S. electronic retail store.

Just a few more minutes’ walk through the exhibition room, however, you’ll see our latest 85-inch Ultra High-Definition TV, which is far from being dusty but instead displays even the tiniest piece of dust on screen! This TV is now being spotlighted in the premium TV market for its innovative features, attesting to Samsung’s leadership in the global TV market.

Can you just imagine how much we have grown from a small TV manufacturer no one recognized to the world’s largest IT company in the span of just 20 years? This is exactly what you will see at the Samsung Innovation Forum, part of which will be open to the public through July 9.


Samsung’s innovation history at a glance


The exhibition is a rare opportunity for visitors to delve into the history of Samsung’s innovation. By walking through, you can see how our products and philosophy have evolved over the past 20 years. It showcases a wide range of products, technologies and services from various divisions within the company, as well as the ideas behind the New Management initiative.

The New Management initiative was declared by our Chairman Kun-Hee Lee in 1993 – famously calling on his employees to “change everything except your family.” He called for the need to change the company’s focus to quality from quantity in order to become a world-premier company, asserting that the change has to begin from every one of us in the company.

This forum reflects on the challenges that Samsung Electronics took upon itself to compete on the world stage with the utmost focus on quality and exceptional technologies through relentless pursuit for innovation.

There’s another perfect example of our endless efforts to create a better tomorrow. Next to the dusty TV that we’ve already mentioned, you’ll see the wireless telephone models that were destroyed in front of 2,000 employees in 1995 because they failed to meet the quality standards. Only a few steps away, you’ll see our SH-100, Korea’s first mobile phone, which is as big as a brick!


Samsung’s technology evolution


Walking through, you’ll be able to see products that look much more like how Samsung phones look like today such as our flagship GALAXY S series that helped us take the No. 1 position in the global mobile phone market.

You can also follow the history of our memory business, which boasts two decades of global leadership, and see the next-generation system semiconductors such as the latest application processor for smartphones.

Also, you can see our creative design process, eco-friendly philosophy and how our status in the industry has evolved over the years, including the advertisements we have placed along the way.


Following our history of innovation


This forum not only emphasizes the history of innovation but also shows where we are headed to become a global leader in innovation. In fact, the forum takes place in our new R5 R&D building, which opened just this month.

With R5, we are taking the next big step in integrating IT and Mobile divisions and focusing R&D efforts on further driving innovation and creativity for next-generation of smart devices and wearable technology. Two and a half years in the making, R5 comprises of two 27-story towers which share a central atrium over five floors. The Samsung Innovation Forum takes place in the central atrium, so you can take a look at this newest building.

“At the Samsung Innovation Forum, we hope to convey to the audience that Samsung Electronics values the user experience as much as technology and thus has grown as a provider of a ‘smarter life’ and a companion for consumers,” said Kyeongtae Lee, Vice President of Corporate Strategic Planning at Samsung Electronics. “The audience will also be able to preview future technologies and products that Samsung Electronics will unveil for a better tomorrow.”






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