Where You Can Find Samsung Products at a Glance

How do you search information related to the company you are interested in? Usually, we would access the company’s official website and check its corporate profile, financial information and annual reports. But the most effective way would probably be visiting the corporate showroom – if the company has one, that is.

Many Samsung affiliates have showrooms, so today, we’d like to take you on a quick tour of some of them.



Samsung d’light


Samsung Electronics’ Samsung d’light consists of two floors of product and technology exhibits, plus a large basement store where you can meet all the latest Samsung gadgets.

Located right at the heart of a neighborhood in Seoul famously featured in Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style, the showroom gets more than 3,000 visitors a day since it opened in December 2008.

The name d’light combines the words ‘digital’ and ‘light’ to correlate with the company’s vision of being “a guiding light to the digital world” and sharing the excitement and delight of digital technology through interaction with visitors.


1 2 3 4


Samsung d’light is more than an exhibition place, but a cultural playground. Under the d’light Play program, Samsung d’light hosts various cultural events including musical performances, lectures and move screenings. You can find more information by clicking here.


5 6





Last year, we shared the news that our Samsung Engineering affiliate moved to a new head office in eastern Seoul. The new headquarters building not only provides a convenient and advanced working environment but also houses a splendid PR museum – engium.




The multi-touch screen and kiosk help you enjoy a graphic overview of Samsung Engineering’s diverse businesses, and also delve into the company’s innovative technology, major projects and future plans.

The main session of engium is in the futuristic blue-colored theater. Stepping into the globe-shaped theater, you will discover some of Samsung Engineering’s most celebrated project undertakings. You can explore up to 16 major projects around the world on smart table displays that react to your gestures, immersing yourself in the giant wall of 3D screens.


Eng4 Eng2



Marine Tech Plaza


Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could see at once all kinds of different ships, among the larger and heavier products the human kind has made? The Marine Tech Plaza located in Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje shipyard on Korea’s southern coast provides that very experience.

After passing through the entrance and the history section, you can meet various types of ships from merchant ships to high value-added vessels such as drillship, LNG carrier, arctic shuttle tanker.




The exhibition helps you understand complex shipbuilding terms and processes such as the LNG-FPSO (Liquefied-natural-gas Floating Production Storage and Offloading), the world’s first of which was developed by Samsung Heavy. And you can also check out the company’s efforts to contribute to the environment by making facilities related to renewable energy, and energy-saving parts including fins and propellers.


Hvy2 Hvy3


What is probably the most exciting part of the exhibition is that you can even steer a ship yourself!




*      *      *


How did you enjoy the tour? What makes these showrooms really exciting is that they are more than a simple exhibition of various Samsung affiliates’ products and technology, but provides a space for visitor interaction to get a real sense of where the relevant industries are headed.

So, next time you are in Korea, please be sure to drop by at our showrooms to check out what Samsung can offer for your future! 





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