Samsung Card Greets New Year on a Photography Trip With CEO

It’s already been more than a month since the New Year dawned upon us. This may be about the right time to check how much we have followed through on our New Year’s resolutions because it’s still not too late to start anew if we have failed on any one of them.

And to help you get back into the spirit of new beginning, we’d like to take you back in time to the beginning of this year and share with you a special event at our Samsung Card affiliate.

To greet the New Year, our colleagues in a Samsung Card Photography Club took a trip to the Korean Folk Village outside of Seoul. And in making the event even more special Samsung Card President and CEO Chi Hun Choi joined the trip!




Taking photos is a long-time hobby of Mr. Choi’s, who says he’s been attracted to photography for its delicacy and honesty. At the Korean Folk Village – home to numerous collections of traditional Korean structures and other cultural artifacts – Mr. Choi and Samsung Card colleagues took pictures under the theme of “hometown.”

After a photography session that allowed them to reminisce about their hometown and happy childhood, they gathered in a warm room to learn how to make traditional Korean kites. As they cut and folded paper, and glued bamboo sticks to it, they shared their wishes for the New Year.


Card2 Card8


It surely was a meaningful time for both Mr. Choi and his employees to have candid talks about themselves as well as their company.

Before we let you go, here are some of the photo works from the trip for you to enjoy. Do you feel the serenity and warmth they must have felt?


Card4 Card5
Card6 Card7