Samsung Supports the CNN Hero of Nepal with Child Welfare

What does a child need to have a normal life? A home, a warm and loving family, good food, clothes and education would be among those essentials. Unfortunately, not all kids are lucky enough to have it all – especially those who have been forced to be raised behind the bars of a prison with their incarcerated parents. For those children in need, we today would like to introduce an event Samsung Electronics organized in Nepal in the presence of their very special ‘mother’ – Pushpa Basnet.

At age 29, Basnet was devastated to see the plight hundreds of kids were going through every day and in order to provide a loving shelter for children of prisoners, she founded a nonprofit organization – the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) – in 2005.


Kids wearing Samsung jackets along with Pushpa Basnet, IMS Chairman and President


Working day and night, she has strived to give more than 140 children a happier and healthier life providing food, clothes, medical facilities and education. One by one, she managed to take out children confined in the four walls of prison and lead them towards a life with better and brighter prospects. Basnet’s large heartedness not only brought joy to hundreds of Nepalese children but also a huge honor to her country by being named the CNN Hero of the Year on December 3, 2012.


2CNN Hero Basnet inaugurates the opening of Samsung Premium Brand Shop


In respect of her devotion to child welfare, Samsung and International Marketing Service Pvt. Ltd, a national distributor of Samsung Mobile Phones invited Basnet and her children to an opening ceremony of its Premium Brand Shop in Dubarmarg, Kathmandu. During the ceremony held on December 23, Samsung was delighted in gifting more than a hundred of Basnet’s children with stationery utilities, warm blue jackets to shield off the harsh winter and a sumptuous lunch meal at KFC which they enjoyed to their hearts’ content.

To Basnet, who is lovingly called ‘mamu,’ or mom, by the children of ECDC, Samsung was also honored to donate Rs 500,000. “I am ever so grateful to Samsung for the honor and the help,” Basnet said as she accepted the contribution. “I hope to build a better and a well-facilitated home for my children with the help of this money,” she smiled.


3Samsung awards the CNN Hero a check of Rs 500,000

Left to right – Mr. Dikesh Malhotra (President of IMS), Mr. Deepak Malhotra (Executive Chairman of IMS), Ms. Pushpa Basnet (CNN Hero 2012), Mr. Bishal Acharya (CEO of IMS) 


There is much to be inspired from a philanthropic person like Basnet. And for people who make it their purpose in life to bring happiness in the lives of others, Samsung hopes to stride right alongside with them in all their selfless endeavors. We believe the ability to help those in need is the highest form of blessing, after all.