Dumped Items Reborn to Decorate Samsung’s Contemporary Fashion Store

How long have you kept your cell phones before getting new ones? With the rapid evolution of technology, we have become more used to purchasing new products rather than having old and broken ones repaired. As we get more easily bored with old items and often use disposable goods, product life cycles have become shorter over time. Today, we would like to share efforts by one of Samsung affiliates to make design works more eco-friendly and sustainable through nothing other than – recycling!

 Ilmo_beaker-56The exterior of the store, designed like a piece of installation art


In October 2012, Cheil Industries, a Samsung affiliate in textile and fashion business, opened a very unique fashion boutique in Seoul, Korea. The BEAKER store is a contemporary multi-brand fashion shop stocking hundreds of brands from the U.S., Europe, Japan as well as local designers. Named after the laboratorial container for liquids, the store aims to create new cultures by ‘stirring’ and ‘mixing’ various kinds of fashion and life styles.


Image2Except for hangers, all is recycled at Beaker.

Ilmo_moaA water tank, reborn as a unique fitting room!


What makes Beaker even more interesting is that it was also designed to suggest green designs of the future as part of the company’s “Junkyard” project – an eco-friendly initiative to recycle old items to create new ones.

“Working in the fashion industry, I used to buy many new clothes and throw them away too easily. Reflecting on my old spending habits, I suddenly came up with an idea to design a building with recycled items. This recycling project started with the idea to minimize wastes produced frequently by many fashion shops,” said Kuho Jung, a creative director and the project leader.


Image3With a touch of designers, recycled items become “up-cycled”


At Beaker, once dumped items such as red bricks, window panels, doors and gas pipes get a second chance to function as unique design objects. Stairs are made from drawers of various shape and old doors come to life again as doors for the fitting rooms.

“It was a great pleasure to join the rebirth process of the dumped items. Recollecting the memories of old furniture abandoned in the areas of demolition and reconstruction, we added new functions and meanings. It was almost like a healing process for people’s wounds and scars,” said a furniture designer on the Junkyard project.


Image4Every recycled item at Beaker has its own story


In today's rapidly changing world, many of us also feel nostalgic of the good old days that comfort us with their familiarity. So if you look to shop for hot-rising new fashion items in an environment surrounded by the beauty of recycled or rather up-cycled design objects, Beaker can be a place worth paying a visit! At Beaker, you are sure to find a diverse selection of hot fashion items while enjoying the artistic, yet environment-friendly, ambience.


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