2012 Tech Trends and Fun New Ideas

The year 2012 saw a flurry of new innovative products and technology, as life without mobile gadgets and Internet-on-the-go becomes more and more unthinkable. So as we start off the new year, we've listed a few recent news stories that kindly put together the main tech themes and interesting new ideas that emerged in the course of last year. 


ATech trends of 2012: smaller tablets, big data and paying on-the-go

The Washington Post picked the most notable tech trends of 2012, and it's no suprise that many of them are outcomes of the increasingly pervasive use of mobile technology and the Web.

Smaller tablets that balance portability and functionality, businesses tackling big data mines and increasing mobile payments are among those.


The numbers behind some of 2012’s biggest technology stories

For our more studious readers, it's worth taking a look at this story by MIT Technology Review, which lists some mind-blowing numbers that show where the tech industry stands today:

– $104 billion: Facebook's corporate value at its initial public offering price
– 717.5 million: the estimated global smartphone shipments in 2012, in units
– 2.8 zettabytes (2.8 trillion gigabytes): the amount of digital information created or replicated in 2012


BbcRory Cellan-Jones reflects on his tech highlights of 2012

BBC News technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones compiled interesting bits and pieces of technology ideas. They include a robot avatar, a brand-new photo sharing app and a Chinese social media hub for the Olympics.

These may not be the mainstream products or technology everyone uses already, but this interesting video certainly lets you have a peek into how new inspiring ideas are being developed.


Pogie Awards for the Brightest Ideas of 2012

The Pogie Awards, which celebrate the best ideas of the year, shortlisted interesting, useful high-tech ideas that brought various features in phones, computeres and tablets last year. A recent New York Times story has more details, including a smartphone's smart-stay function that recognizes your gaze, network connectivity lasting through the PC's sleep mode and a phone app that enables 360-degree panoramic videos.



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