Samsung Engineering Helps Raise Indian Children’s Environmental Awareness

Last year here on Samsung Village, we introduced to you Samsung Engineering’s social networking platform “Tunza Eco-generation” where children from all around the world can access information about the environment and share ideas to save Mother Earth.

Samsung Engineering also runs a program dubbed “Eco-generation School” in Korea, where employee volunteers visit schools twice a month to teach the students about various environmental issues in efforts to raise environmental awareness among our future leaders of society. And this year, we decided to bring this special and important initiative to overseas – our first stop being India!

Samsung Engineering India (SEI) and Eco-generation teamed up to host the “Samsung Engineering India Eco-generation Volunteer Week” on September 10 – 15 at OM Foundation School in Noida, India, and today, we’d like to give you a glimpse of this special event.


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Welcomed by employees from SEI and the Seoul headquarters, hundreds of students at OM Foundation School – dedicated to educating less privileged children – participated in various activities provided under the Eco-generation school program. SEI is considered one of Samsung Engineering’s best localized units with about 97% of the staff comprised of locals. Many SEI employees volunteered as one-day teachers for classes on the environment offered as part of the event.

Employee Volunteers from Samsung Engineering India – all shared the joy and passion!


On September 14, engineers from SEI taught classes about the environment as well as the plant engineering industry. One of the most popular classes was the one on the principle of solar power. Watching a flash animation from the Tunza Eco-Generation website and making solar-powered fans by themselves, children could learn about the importance of the environment in a fun way and think about positive actions they can take for Mother Nature.

“I only heard about solar energy from the news. This is my first time to learn about solar power and make a solar-powered fan on my own. Someday, I want to build a house with solar panels!” smiled Dinu, a ninth grader.


Sep14 찾아가는환경교실 (8)Students with their solar-powered fans – hand-made!


Next day, competitions were held for drawing and writing essays about environmental issues. Under the theme of “What young people can do for the sustainable future,” students between fourth and sixth grades expressed their ideas in drawing, while seventh through ninth graders wrote essays. Employee volunteers encouraged each participant to do his or her best by explaining the theme and helping the children formulate their ideas. Five winners from each competition were honored in a special awards ceremony and received school supplies such as backpacks, drawing kits and books on environmental issues.


Students on essay


Lastly, 30 top essay winners were invited to become members of the Eco-generation Mentoring program. Communicating via the Tunza Eco-generation website, 10 employee mentors from SEI will give guidance to their mentees on topics from simple writing skills to future careers. “Samsung Engineering India is hopeful that the Eco-generation environmental program will play a positive role in the lives of the children at OM Foundation School by raising environmental awareness among the young generation that will pay dividends to the future of India,” said SEI Managing Director Mr. Hyoman Im.


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