Smart Home Technology for New Lifestyle

A while ago we’ve shared a story about Green Tomorrow, a Samsung project to develop and test green technologies for the smart, convenient and environment-friendly lifestyle. From smart meters to control your home power use to interactive gadgets to assist with house chores, new technologies are set to transform our way of living in the not too distant future.

Here we’re sharing some of the interesting ideas for smart home technologies and products that will make our future life more convenient, more interesting and safer!


2012 Smart Home—New Gadgets! 

Smart homeIf you wonder what a smart and automated house looks like, the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago has an exciting exhibit to offer some insights. In partnership with technology blog Gizmodo, the museum is running a 3-stroy green home under the title of Smart Home: Green + Wired.

The house features technologies such as solar film on the room and an energy monitoring system, as well as the newest high-tech gadgets such as a device that cooks your food in a water oven held at a precise temperature for hourse and a haptic weather forecaster that lets you actually feel tomorrow’s temperature.


Smart kitchen helps chefs who aren’t too smart

Smart kitchenIf you have ever tried to make a decent meal out of a cookbook and have fumbled turning pages with flour-covered fingers, you’ll get the idea: a cooking support system that puts recipes right on your food!

According to a CNET article, the system — developed by Yu Suzuki and colleagues at Kyoto Sangyo University — guides you with a combination of image processing and speech interaction, such as projecting instructions about where to cut onto the fish.

In case you’re not sure, a small driod called Phyno can chat with you to explain how to proceed between each step.

Of course the system will need further research before it becomes commercialized, and also it’s not like the machine will do the cooking for you. But it will be interesting to explore the possibilities of a newer and smarter kitchen as part of automating our living!


Smart Carpet Detects Your Gait, Knows if You’ve Fallen 

Smart carpetSmart technologies are not always about measuring energy consumption or communications over high-tech appliances.

According to this Popular Science article, a research group at University of Manchester has developed smart carpeting that can tell when someone has stumbled or fallen. Woven with a layer of optical fibers that forms a pressure map, the carpet can even analyzes one’s gaits for signs of mobility problems.

When a person has fallen and does not immediately get up, it can be rigged to call for help, a feature useful for somone living alone and have health issues. The carpet can even be used as a security system, the article adds.


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