Samsung Mobile Display Produces 200 Million AMOLED Panels

Samsung Mobile Display, our display solution affiliate, announced today that it has produced 200 million AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) panels in just over five years since mass production began in January 2007.

That is like producing more than 100,000 panels a day on average. And piling all of the 200 million AMOLED panels would equal to more than 45 times the height of Mt. Everest!


Samsung Mobile Display CEO S.I. Cho (seventh from left) and officials celebrating!


It is also worth noting that while it took Samsung Mobile Display four years and five months to reach the initial 100 million mark in the accumulated number of AMOLED panels produced, the next 100 million units were produced in just 11 months.

The remarkable achievement is due largely to a rapid growth in demand for AMOLED displays, which use organic materials that glow on their own and therefore do not require backlight units. The AMOLED display is thinner and more energy-efficient than conventional flat screens and embodies innovative features that enable a higher contrast ratio, more vivid and natural colors, and a wider range of viewing angles.

The AMOLED display is now used in numerous IT devices including, but not limited to, smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles and tablet PCs. Demand is expected to grow even faster once large-screen TV panels, flexible or transparent displays begin to be mass produced.

Samsung Mobile Display, which controls 97 percent of the global AMOLED market, produced the world’s first and biggest 55-inch AMOLED panel for Samsung Electronics’ Super OLED TV, which won the Best of Innovations Award at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


55인치 슈퍼OLED TV






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  1. Samsung Youm amoled on flexible substrate, wonder if it is amorf polyamide(?) because amorf polyamide is transparent by it self.
    Hopefully will Samsung Mobile Display soon,fortcoming years make Youm displays in larger sizes, why not in 20″!
    Because tablet pc will have a huge potential market even in larger sizes as 20″ and for all types of portable computers amoled on flexible substrate is a good property against todays problem with cracked displays and display glasses.
    Amoled display on flexible substrate as Youm display it´s weigh is very low to.

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