Passion Talk: Samsung Supports the Passion of the Youth

We all feel lost at times, unsure of whether we have made the right decisions or where to go from here. This sense of uncertainty feels especially bigger when we are young and inexperienced, having yet to venture into real life. And how we wish we have someone to turn to for some wisdom and guidance!

And you may find just that at the “Passion Talk” – a so-called talk concert sponsored by Samsung. Samsung has helped organize a series of talk shows since last year in Korea to share with the youngsters the life-inspiring experiences of prominent figures from various walks of life in our society, including musicians, comedians, academics, and of course Samsung executives.




The “Passion Talk” is largely aimed at sharing the experiences of key social figures in hopes of suggesting some guidance and advice to the youngsters, still full of questions about life. Samsung started the program last year, hosting more than 20,000 college students through 12 talk shows. After last year’s success, Samsung plans to double the number of events to 24 this year, to be held in major cities throughout Korea.

But, more than simply giving lectures to the students, it’s a forum where the old and young generations can sit down together for hearty discussions about life, filled with laughter and music.

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Passion Talk – where old and young generations talk about dreams, hopes and the future!


To give you a glimpse of what it’s all about, let us take you to a recent “Passion Talk” in Cheonan, a city south of Seoul, where Mr. Sangjin Park, President and CEO of Samsung SDI – our battery-making affiliate – took to the stage to share his story of career and life. The key message he delivered to the thousands of young Koreans at the March 27 event was: “Walk a lot and listen a lot.”


 Talk4 CEO


Here’s an excerpt from his speech that you, too, may find inspiring:


“I have lived a life that involved many different kinds of experiences and meeting a lot of people. So how do you live a life where you walk a lot and listen a lot?

“It starts with having curiosity. There is a medicine that helps your mind stay young even as your body gets old as time passes by and that is curiosity. Curiosity is what opens up opportunities. It is also important to live every day as if it is the most important day of your life.

“These, in turn, will help you become devoted. Once you become fully devoted to something, you will find joy in it, which will lead to creativity. Be passionate about devoting yourself to your life!"


Also sharing their stories at the event were Mr. Kyu-Jae Jeong, chief editorial writer at the Korea Economic Daily and K-pop singer Bada.

And last, but not least, world-famous K-pop star BoA gave a special performance of her hit songs. During an interview, she said, “Passion comes within myself, and isn’t something that can be created by others.”




The “Passion Talk” is just one of the programs run by Samsung to support the youth. We also run a “Career Mentoring” program, through which Samsung employees share their career and life experiences with college students as mentors. More than 1,000 Samsung employees took part in the program last year, when it was first launched, becoming friends with some 6,300 students.

This year, more than 20,000 students have already signed up to meet Samsung employees in various business areas – ranging from manufacturing, design and research to human resources management and business strategy development – to get an insider view of what it means to be working in the particular sector they are interested in and seek advice on how to navigate through life.

We believe it is very important to share and communicate our stories with the future leaders of our society so that they can be passionate about their lives. If you want to find out more about Samsung’s “Passion Talk,” please visit the Korean website here.

So what is YOUR passion? Why don’t you share with us some of your life lessons that helped you identify things that you could feel passionate about?