Wind of Change in the Renewable Energy Industry

Earlier this month our affiliate Samsung Heavy Industries unveiled a plan to set up a cutting-edge 7 megawatt wind power turbine in Fife, Scotland, to develop and test a critical offshore wind power technology. Now that wind farms are popping up across the globe and even venturing out into the sea, wind power is emerging as one of the most prominent renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

Below we’re sharing several recent blog posts and news articles about ongoing technology innovations and investment deals that could help make the wind power more efficient and affordable.


Windpower_hydrogenA Hydrogen Fueling Station Powered by the Wind: 

A 121-foot-tall wind turbine erected in Hempstead, N.Y., is becoming the symbol of carbon-neutral transportation. The giant turbine, capable of generating 180 megawatts of electricity per year thanks to strong Atlantic winds, powers a hydrogen production and fueling station, according to a CNET story by Liane Yvkoff. The benefit? An estimated hydrogen fuel and energy cost savings of $40,000 per year.

While excess energy generated by the wind turbine currently goes to the power grid to lower the residents’ carbon footprint, the town is also working to expand its hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet to make the best use of the project. If all goes well, Hempstead could become a testing ground for the hydrogen car market as well.



AirborneKite-Like Turbines Harness Wind Power at Altitude:

Centuries after Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a storm for his famous lightning experiment, a company called Makani Power is sending a plane-like turbine blade into the sky seeking wind energy at high altitudes.

A recent story by a TechCrunch columnist, Matylda Czarnecka, explains how the new idea works; airborne wind turbines, tethered to a cord, are launched into the air and send electricity generated to a grid-connected ground station.

Wind speeds are generally twice as fast at altitude as near ground level, making the airborne blades a potentially appealing option. We look forward to future progress from this project!



Windpower_DONGU.K. Opens Biggest Offshore Wind Farm in $52 Billion Push:

Britain has just opened the world’s biggest offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea that cost about 1 billion pounds.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports the 367-megawatt facility will produce enough power for 320,000 homes and mark the start of a 33 billion-pound push to expand the U.K’s sea-based wind power generation. Denmark’s DONG Energy owns the Walney farm with other partners.

As the wind power industry is bringing in larger turbines and cutting costs to speed up the industrialization of offshore wind, we might see more record-setting wind facilities coming online in the near future.


(Photo: DONG Energy)



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