Reaching out to the World: Recapping Samsung’s 2011 Community Activities

Running a global business means more than just selling products and services around the world. It is about meeting people and building trust in every corner of the world. It is also about understanding local communities and eventually becoming part of them by sharing whatever a company has.

In fact, many Samsung colleagues are participating in initiatives to help the communities they live in or interact with. From volunteering in African school innovations to a fund-raising bjcycle ride for charities, the activities vary in scale and impact, but they all add up to make a core part of our global operations.




Recently we had a chance to learn more about different community activities and projects undertaken by Samsung people around the globe through a unique video initiative and the year-end community service awards. We believe sharing some of them here would make a nice recap of the year at Samsung as we head into the holiday season.



Community services go beyond donations and volunteering works. Each of the initiatives has touching human stories and unique ideas. In this era of multimedia and social network services, the best way to share such experiences and spread the goodwill is probably making them visible on the Internet.

That’s why our colleagues at Cheil Worldwide created video clips about community involvement projects by Samsung and published them on YouTube. The videos, part of our annual “Samsung Profile” report, take you to places such as rural China and a Mexican orphanage, showing what could be done in different areas and how we can help each other.



Samsung China is supporting an education initiative under which college students visit schools in China’s rural areas and help children learn new things and find opportunities. Video from Gansu, China



During a special summer vacation, Samsung’s Volunteer Service Corp brought notebook computers, free repair and maintenance, medical aid as well as warm hearts to Kafue, Zambia.



In an orphanage in Manzanillo, Mexico, Samsung employees turn themselves into children’s mentors and friends, teaching math to helping with homework. What do the volunteers need? Soccer drills.



Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow campaign hosted a contest that inspires American schoolchildren to come up with new ideas to improve the environment using science and math. The winner: West Salem High School in Oregon.



Samsung operates and sponsors a guide dog school in Korea, providing lifetime partners for the visually impaired and helping raise awareness about guide dogs. Minsu Park shares his story.


“The role of global companies doesn’t stop at making high-quality products but extends to setting principles and taking action to protect the environment and make our lives sustainable,” says Jung-won Lee, director of Cheil Worldwide and creative planner of the video initiative.

“Samsung is embarking on and continuing a lot of activities to become caring, environment-friendly and sustainable business. We’d like to share these details and invite others to join as well,” she added.

You can also browse through diverse global outreach activities Samsung is operating in various locations in the illustration of a world map here.



On Nov. 18, Samsung Corporate Citizenship and community service leaders from all around Samsung got together for the annual Samsung Global Volunteer Awards. The 17-year old awards recognize passion and hard works of those who led activities helping local communities.

They were not necessarily large-scale programs. At Samsung Heavy Industries operations in Rongcheng, China, employees began their community involvement by sharing a basket of eggs or watermelons with local senior citizens. In a small Chinese town where no foreign company had previously been based, they did whatever that helps the community there, including cleaning up the beach by picking up trash, sending stationery to schoolchildren, and even teaching kids famous pop stars’ dance moves!


China1 China2
At schools, on the street – Samsung Heavy colleagues in action!


“Slowly we could see the friendship forming and people there opening up. We could barely communicate in Chinese but it didn’t matter, as everyone felt they got so much by giving to the community,” said one participant during the award.

Another winning team from Samsung Life Insurance ran a 25-week program to help immigrants learn how to make Korean cuisine and apply for a cooking license. In October, the team and the participants of the program hosted a party in Seoul to share food with senior citizens in need. The beneficiaries also joined in the spirits of giving by preparing the meal and sharing their laughter.

Traditional Korean dish in a giant bowl for sharing


The 2011 Global Volunteer Awards went to about 130 employees, team leaders and partners from different parts of Samsung. Big congratulations to the winners, and hope we can continue to spread the joy of giving and sharing in the new year!