Emerging Technologies

Those of us who’ve witnessed the rise of the Internet, personal computing and mobile communications understand how quickly and fundamentally new inventions change our world. Today’s emerging technology will become tomorrow’s full-blown business that impacts everyone’s life.

Lately there have been several interesting articles that shed light on future technology trends and their implications and we would like to share some with you:



IT trends_ZDNet

The "Big Five" IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data

ZDNet’s Dion Hinchcliffe detailed major trends in the IT industry and their implications in this thoughtful piece. They include next-generation mobility, social media, cloud computing, consumerization and big data.

The speed of technological advance is leaving the traditional business world behind, he says, as external innovations and consumerization of technology lead the way. With this, businesses are now asked to provide a framework for a bigger ecosystem rather than to control, and to engage more in social channels.

"IT departments must be prepared to take a “Big Leap” to meet the Big Five," Hinchcliffe concludes.





Techrepublic_future technologies

Five future technologies I can't wait for 

Jason Hiner, the editor-in-chief for TechRepublic, recently shared his top picks of much-awaited future technologies. Among them are wireless docking of mobile devices and inexpensive mobile broadband, which will make the connected life more seamless and hassle-free. 3D printing which creates a three-dimensional model and flexible OLED displays that enable foldable mobile devices could come within five years at the earliest.

Just around the corner, perhaps available in the next couple of years, is HTML5, Hiner adds, which will turn the web into app and make the Internet more dynamic and interactive place.



Frost & Sullivan: Wireless Charging, Energy Harvesting, and Smart Pills among 50 Technologies to Reshape the World

Business research firm Frost & Sullivan this week unveiled the top 50 technologies and innovations that will impact business in this decade. Among the technologies it identified are wireless charging, energy harvesting, smart pills and batteries for renewable electricity storage and electric vehicles.

It also notes that flexible electronics are set to completely revolutionize our perspective on devices. In biotechnology, the report predicts each individual will have their own DNA sequence analysed and medical treatment will be personalised for that individual.

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It is no coincidence that these predictions have common themes such as more advanced mobile technology. With a bigger part of our life – whether it’s data or energy – going wireless, there’s a larger potential to make the way we work more efficient and environment-friendly.

It is now companies’ job to deliver platforms and products to materialize new ideas and emerging technologies. Many of Samsung’s businesses and research efforts are also geared toward these goals, from developing powerful microchips to building efficient electric car batteries to creating new mobile solutions. We’ll look forward to sharing developments in the exciting fields with you in the near future!


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