The Ideas Behind the Architecture

After hearing our “tip”, this may be your reaction:

“No, really? You’re right, it does!”

Looking from afar, you will notice that the building housing the world’s leading team of LCD display manufacturers is designed to look like… well, an LCD display. Located in Samsung Display City on a beautiful stretch of land in Tangjeong, South Chungcheong Province, the building’s face is outfitted with expansive chrome windows that resemble a TV screen.


In Suwon City, Samsung’s telecommunications research building – the building in which bright minds helped develop smartphone technologies that led to the birth of products such as the Galaxy S – is designed to look like a mobile phone.


And while we don’t make puzzles at Samsung, the buildings that make up our Seoul headquarters are modeled after puzzle blocks. The design of the three buildings, completed in stages over a couple of years, was chosen to inspire creativity towards solving the many “puzzles” of our dynamic world.     



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